Home made corn tortillas and crispy chips

Hi guys, I hope you had a great week.

Today, I’m sharing this quick recipe for home-made tortillas that you can use for tacos and to make crispy tortilla chips. You can always go ahead and buy ready to go tortillas and make chips out of it, but then it wouldn’t be home-made, right? I assure you, it’s really very simple. Since corn is gluten-free, there’s no resting of the dough required and it’s impossible to overwork the dough (which makes it a fun activity to involve your kids in 🙂 ). Fresh corn tortillas are chewy, tender, and make much better tacos than store-bought tortillas. 

The traditional corn tortillas recipe is only 3 ingredients: 1 cup masa harina, pinch of salt and 2/3 cup warm water. This recipe yields 8 small tortillas. Total cooking time about 20 minutes. Combine corn flour and salt in a separate bowl. Stir in water in small amounts while mixing with your hands until a soft dough is formed. The dough should not be sticky and hold a shape when you squeeze it with your hands. Once it’s at a good consistency, divide it into 8 balls. Preheat a dry heavy skillet over medium heat.  Press the balls out into tortillas. I don’t have a special press so I used pot. Make sure you cover the surfaces with plastic wrap so the dough doesn’t stick to it (both kitchen counter and the bottom of your pot). Cook on the hot skillet for about 1 minute per side. Wrap in a clean cloth to keep warm and moist. That is it. Super simple and quick. If you decide to make corn tortilla chips just cut tortilla in 4 pieces, then fry until golden colour. Spice it up at the end.

Enjoy your weekend, guys 🙂 2015-09-26 23.45.54

2015-10-01 08.09.57


3 thoughts on “Home made corn tortillas and crispy chips

  1. This is a great recipe!
    I have always been a little iffy about store bought tortillas after I bought them and forgot about them in the pantry… and when I found them about a month later, it was still fine.
    Thinking about all the chemicals that probably went in it! yikes!

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yes, I agree.. natural food should not last that long. It reminds me of my first time when I purchased organic milk and it went bad after couple of weeks I think. I was surprised at first but then I thought that it’s probably a good sign, because its natural. So I switched to organic and just buy less of it every week so it stays fresh. Same applies to the rest of groceries 🙂


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