Liebster Award-Thank you

Thank you to wonderful Sally from Penne for my thoughts for such lovely nomination. It sure adds to my motivation to post recipes and share my inspiration with you all. I think it is a wonderful way of supporting each other and I am here to pass it along 🙂 LiebsterAward-copy


Sally’s questions: 

  1. Favourite TV chef and why? I want to say Jamie Oliver
  2. Favourite cocktail/mocktail? I don’t drink and have no idea about types of cocktails.. ops
  3. Last movie you watched? St Vincent with Bill Murray
  4. Who is your doppelgänger? Not that I know of
  5. What did you want to be when you grew up? Mom
  6. The last foreign country you visited? Cuba
  7. Your favourite foreign country and why? Different place for different reasons 
  8. Dip your toes first or jump straight in? Jump straight in
  9. Favourite smell and why? Fresh bread..reminds me of home
  10. Left or right handed? Right
  11. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Nope..just tried hehe

Lovely nominees:

Thoughts set apart

A quirky something

Colibri Homestead

Lifestyle Unplugged

Le Menu de Catherine

Nutrition x Norah

Indulge your inner foodie

Strong like mommy

Cinnamon Spider

Mymmu Quest

Words with Michelle

My questions for the nominees: 

What is your least favourite food?

How did the idea for your blog came out?

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to blog?

What Christmas/Holiday traditions do you follow?

What would be the best gift for you?

Did you follow up on your last year’ resolutions?

What is your short term goal?

What is your long term goal?

When was the last time someone surprised you in a good way?

Favourite quote/saying?

What is a strong women to you?

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. I apologize if my questions are too long. I hope you will find a time to accept and pass along such a nice tradition 🙂

Evgenia xx

5 thoughts on “Liebster Award-Thank you

  1. Evgenia, what a pleasant surprise to be nominated for this award! Thank you for your encouragement and support! I am delighted!! And looking forward to looking at the blogs of the other nominees. I am happy to answer your questions, but am new to blogging and reading other new, small bloggers so don’t have folks to nominate yet. Should I still participate, and perhaps nominate later? Or wait to participate until I have 11 nominees? Thank you again for the blog love! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mel 🙂 I think you should definetelly participate..the idea of your blog is awesone. Once you find bloggers that you like/inspire you, go ahead and nominate them in 🙂


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