Mustache blog tag

Hi there, how are you guys doing?

Krista from From food stamps to a future has tagged me to this cute/fun Mustache blog tag. She is a wonderful, crafty woman with big imagination 🙂 Make sure you check her blog and etsy shop. Thank you, Krista.



4 movies I watched more than once:

Harry Potter

Love actually

Shawshank redemption

Lord of the rings

4 Book I would recommend: 

Harry Potter (I really love that story 🙂 )

Little women

Jane Eyre

I know why the caged bird sings

4 places I’ve visited: 

Now, I am not sure whether it should be country, city or actual place that I visited…So I made a mix of everything 🙂

Ulan- Bator (Mongolia)

Quebec City (Canada)

San Francisco (USA)

4 places I wish I was at right now: 

Home (where my mom and brother are)

The beach (playing volleyball)

Lakeshore (biking)

Algonquin Park (hiking and possibly mushroom picking)

4 TV shows I enjoy:

I would have to skip this question as I don’t watch TV shows

4 Foods that I like:


Potato pancakes



4 awesome blogs that I would like to tag:

Jess’ way of life

Pastel Glitter Queen

Sometimes I cook

 Lynz real cooking

Thank you again for such fun nomination, Krista!

4 thoughts on “Mustache blog tag

  1. Oh wow, I will need a time to think of it first…what makes me happy 🙂 I will do it as soonest, Katie. Btw, what GS list stands for if you don’t mind me asking?


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