Coffee crepes with creme fraiche and peaches

Juicy golden peaches and crème fraiche conjure up the sweet taste of summer. They are delicious and sweet as the filling for these light coffee-flavored buckwheat crepes. This recipe is lighter than the one I used to make Russian blini. I serve these crepes for breakfast, lunch or sometimes as a dessert after dinner. Enjoy 🙂


For the crepes: 2/3 cup plain flour, ¼ cup buckwheat flour, 1 egg (lightly beaten), 1 cup milk (warmed up in microwave), 1 tbsp butter (melted), ½ cup brewed coffee, ½ tsp vanilla extract.
For the filling: 6 ripe peaches, 1 cup heavy cream, ½ cup crème fraiche, ¼ cup icing sugar, 1 tbsp sugar for dusting.

Start by sifting the flours into a mixing bowl, make a well in the center and add the beaten egg, vanilla extract, half of the milk and melted butter. Gradually mix in the flour, beating until the mixture is smooth and silky. Beat in the remaining milk and coffee. Heat the drizzle of frying oil that you usually use ( I use coconut oil) in a crepe pan. Pour in one full ladle (or depending on the size of you pan, just enough to cover the base of the pan thinly), swirling the pan to spread the mixture evenly. Cook for 2 minutes until the underneath is golden brown, then flip the crepe over using spatula and cook for additional 1-2 minutes of the other side. Slide the crepe out of the pan on to a plate. Repeat the process with the remaining batter.

To make the filling, halve and the peaches carefully remove the stones. Cut it into thick slices or chop if you prefer. Whip the cream and half of sugar until soft peaks form. Beat crème fraiche and the remaining half of sugar until smooth. Beat 2 tbsp of the cream into crème fraiche, and then fold in the remainder.

Place a crepe on individual serving plate, spoon crème and top with peaches. Gently fold the crepe over and, then over again. Dust with a little bit of icing sugar. Serve and enjoy! 🙂

Thank you!

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